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Why we recommend Helix Mooring Anchors


The table below compares the holding power of different traditional mooring anchors with that of a Helix. This test was done by a 65 foot tug boat pulling laterally on each anchor until it failed. The Helix never failed. The 1.5 inch pulling hawser parted at 20,800 lbs. of load, however.

Vineyard Haven, MA, Pull Test Results

Mooring Type Bottom Condition Breakout Force
350-lb. Mushroom 5 feet deep in mud 2,000 lb.
500-lb. Mushroom in sand bottom 1,700 lb.
3,000-lb. Concrete USCG block set in mud 2,100 lb.
6,000 lb. cement block on sand bottom 3,200 lb.
8/10 Helix soft clay mud 20,800+ lb.

Long Life:

Helix anchors are built on a solid, square shaft measuring 1 ¾” on each side. It is hot-dipped galvanized for protection, and the top end includes a 1 1/8” shackle that encircles the shaft and connects to the anchor rode.

Environmentally Friendly:

Because these anchors don't drag around the harbor bottoms and can be effective with shorter scopes, they are preferred in environmentally sensitive areas and have been recommended by some state agencies and scuba-diving tour companies.